Walnut produce

In newly to be established plantations it is very important to choose the best suitable pollination options. Walnut saplings are grown in a variety of ways, such as:

  1. Generative growth, whereby seedlings are grown from the seed and which will give nuts in a very late stage.

  2. Vegetative growth, whereby seedlings are placed on different species. Vegetative multiplication is necessary for the seedlings to contain several components. Especially in Europe and America the use of this technique has been increased.
Although there might be differences due to the regional climate, the month of August until the second week of September is the most suitable for budding. There are several budding methods available. Not only the method is important in this regard but also the trunk on which the seedling is inserted. If the trunk is healthy, the yearly produce will be of high quality and the walnuts will have a better protection against diseases which is beneficial to organic trade.

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