Benefits for our health

Unsaturated fatty acids in walnuts are of great importance to our health. Women should consume 1.1 grams and men should consume 1.6 grams of alphalinolenic acid. The linoleic acid in walnuts in comparison with linolenic fatty acids is 4:1, which is a perfectly balanced ratio. This type of information may be explicitly mentioned on certified organic products. Organic walnut wholesalers may also inform you about such features.

The linolenic acid may lower blood pressure, cholesterol and protect against some type of cancers. Walnuts are also beneficial for those who suffer from eczema or open wounds. It is also very good for our brain. The neurons which are formed before our birth start dying off when we are born. These aren’t replaced by new ones but we might be able to expand the capacity of our neurons by consuming healthy produce such as 100% organic walnuts.

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